Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Foundation repair, day 3

Today was the biggie, where the house got lifted!  I arrived at 8am to let the crew in and they got busy right away. 

new crack by gas meter

Our front step is a lot taller!

gas disconnected

new crack by gas meter
Can't quite tell from the pic, but there is a big slant leading to the garage now!
living room hole

office hole
living room hole, before it was filled
Looking way up at our tall house!
Thanks again to Superior for doing an excellent job!  We are so happy with the results!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Foundation repair, day 2

Today the interior piers were drilled.  I stayed home only briefly to let them in and they started drilling in the garage first. 

We had a large thunderstorm roll through early this morning which ended up filling our external piers with water

The workers had to bail water out of the holes since our clay soil doesn't allow much drainage

they did a great job covering the office in plastic

a view of the 3 interior piers
entry way pier
view from front corner

Foundation repair, Day 1

After years of putting it off and trying to decide what we wanted to do, we decided to have our foundation repaired.  We had 7 companies come out for an estimate but decided to go with Superior based on a recommendation from my aunt and uncle who had work done by them before.

They arrived right at 8am and began work immediately.  We agreed on 22 exterior piers and 6 interior piers (all steel).  The crew worked hard in the June heat, completing all 22 exterior holes in 8 hours.